Thomas Ivey

I began my career in 2009 by participating in my first competition; it was then that I realized my passion for entertainment. By 2010 I had won my first event and was offered a position at a true flair bar, where my passion to entertain flourished. During this time I began actively competing on tour against some of the best in the world, excelling my level beyond what I had ever thought was possible. Currently I am working for Caesars Entertainment and I am still entertaining crowds from behind the bar. 

 Through my years on tour and entertaining crowds, I have found my greatest accomplishments come from helping others to do the same.


  • Horseshoe Cincinnati 
    Feature Bartender

    Rock Bar Lounge flair bartender 

  • Arnold's Bar & Grill 

    Oldest bar in Cincinnati, established in 1861

  • Ludlow Bromley Yacht Club 

    The biggest and best party place on the water.

  • MI Slingers 
    Flair Bartender

    Michigan flair bar built around completely engaging each guest.